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The Opera Factory Trust is a registered charitable trust with IRD approved donee status.  Private philanthropic donations enable us to offer training and performance opportunities to young singers, with minimal charges for participation in shows, workshops, classes and masterclasses.

All donations are welcome and valued, however large or small.

Download Form for Amici, Angeli 

Join Amici (Friends Group)    $50+ per year                

Amici (Italian for “Friends”) are the Opera Factory Family and wonderful supporters of our events – our audience and our enthusiastic performers.

Your Opera Factory Amici membership is just $50+ per year.  You will receive priority news, email bulletins and discounted tickets to most of our events. Your Amici (Friends) membership includes a donation component of $35, which may entitle you to a tax credit under New Zealand taxation rules.

Download and complete the form, then email it to

Join Angeli (Angels)  $200+ per year

Angeli (Italian for ‘Angels) donations can be tagged toward a particular area of our activities, for example a specific event or production.  Please phone us on 09 921 7801, or email to discuss or fill in the form above.

Join L’Affitto (Rent) Donors – from $1000

Opera Factory L’Affitto (Italian for “rent”) support an unglamorous but essential part of Opera Factory’s activity – they help us pay the rent for our home base, venues, rehearsal spaces and resource storage space!  Each L’Affitto donor pledges $1,000 per year, which covers one month’s rent.  So there will never be more than 12 L’Affitto donors at a time.  If you would like a place at our exclusive L’Affitto “Round Table” call us on 09 921 7801 or email

Remember Us – Bequests

It’s not something we talk about much, but we all pass on in the end.  And many of us like to think that whenever the time comes we can leave something behind us that will do some good.  You may like to consider including Opera Factory in your bequest programme.  If you would like to discuss this confidentially with our legal trustee please email

Become a Sponsor

Young singers are a special breed.  Not rare – there are hundreds out there.  But they have made a decision to pursue a passion that is different from the expected norms for their age, and will need to make life choices that require a level of determination and courage.  They will form relationships that will last for years, perhaps their lifetime.  These relationships are not only personal ones – while they are with us they will open bank accounts, engage accountants and lawyers, travel, buy cars and houses, and engage in a host of activities in the process.

Opera Factory is not a vast enterprise, but it is noticed and valued.  Its performers are enjoyed by a surprising variety of audiences, both at Opera Factory itself and in the wider community.  In many ways Opera Factory punches above its weight.

Call us if this sounds like a fit with your organisation.  There are many ways we can work together for mutual benefit.